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A School Leavers Yearbook can be a fantastic project for ICT, Graphics Products GCSE, the Diploma in Creative Media or Diploma in IT. It is something that will motivate students and give them a meaningful and understandable context in which to work. A Yearbook is a great showcase that can celebrate the students and their achievements. A Yearbook can be a representative, quantifiable, evidential output of a student’s school career. A Yearbook is an opportunity to participate in a real world end to end process of design and publishing, with all the experience that only a real life project will provide! Including having exposure to design and print professionals

  • A Yearbook is an opportunity to learn about project management, deadlines, team work and the requirements of the stakeholders.
  • A Yearbook is an opportunity to learn and use software and hardware to create your yearbook with the constraints of cost and end user requirements.
  • A Yearbook is an opportunity to develop creative skills and create a finished product
  • PSHE and a Hardy’s Yearbook
    School Yearbooks and Young Enterprise – how Hardy’s can help you

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    Hardy’s can help you with any print or graphic based product for your project - you only need to ask! We can also help with lesson plans and other teaching resources.

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