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A School Leavers Yearbook can be a fantastic project to be used to help deliver your PSHE programme. It is something that will motivate students and give them a meaningful and understandable context in which to work. A Yearbook is a great showcase that can celebrate the students and their achievements. A Yearbook can be a representative, quantifiable, evidential output of a student’s school career. A Yearbook is an opportunity to help young people feel positive about themselves: celebrating their school life and how they have grown and developed during their time at school. Exploration of changes that have taken place between starting school and leaving school can be discussed based around portrait pages of students.

  • A Yearbook is an opportunity for students to write tributes about their classmates. The tributes can celebrate each other and give students the chance to explore the importance of relationships and individuality whilst promoting common values and understanding.
  • A Yearbook is an opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between people and explore these complexities in the context of a Yearbook. Students can take portrait photos of each other, giving a vehicle for appreciating, diversity and different needs.
  • A Yearbook is an opportunity to understand the different attitudes and requirements of the Yearbook’s audience: the pupils, the school, the local community, family and friends, future children and grandchildren of the pupils etc; to consider the different cultural backgrounds of the pupils and their families; to practice critical reflection; and promote meaningful interactions between people from different backgrounds within the present and future audiences of the yearbook.
  • A Yearbook is an opportunity to explore, appreciate and showcase many elements of the PSHE programme. The management of the yearbook project can also encompass project management and team building skills, budgets and financial skills, exposure to career opportunities, IT and Media skills, risk management, decision making and negotiation skills.
  • ICT and a Hardy’s Yearbook
    School Yearbooks and Young Enterprise – how Hardy’s can help you

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