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  • Hardy's Create Service - we prepare the yearbook pages for you

We do the hard work for you !

With the Hardy's Create Service you just send us the photos and text for your yearbook along with the completed planning sheets and we do the rest for you. One of our expert designers will prepare the yearbook using professional software to create a unique yearbook design according to your requirements.

Quick Reference Guide
1) Use the supplied planning sheets to sketch out your design or tell us which templates you want us to complete for you. You can also choose any additional backgrounds, borders or graphics from the supplied production guide you'd like featured in your book, marking them on the planning sheets for us to include.

2) Collect all the digital or printed photographs, collages and text for each page of your Yearbook.

3) Copy all the digital content for each page into the appropriate page numbered folder on the supplied USB memory stick or submit everything to us via the Yearbook Cloud service. Send any printed photos or other content for scanning to us in a strong padded envelope. Remember to keep a backup of all your digital content in case you need it later!

4) We create your Yearbook using the planning sheets, digital content and any printed content you have supplied. We then send you a digital proof for checking.

5) You examine the proof and identify any areas needing adjustment.

6) We make the changes you have requested and send you an updated digital proof.

7) You review the proof and either repeat Steps 5 and 6 as necessary or approve the proof for final printing.

8) When you are happy with everything and we have received your instructions to proceed we will print, bind and deliver your Yearbooks to you.

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