School Yearbooks
Cover & Binding Options

Hardback Block Foil Cover

The pressed foil design fits in an area 15cm wide x 20cm high on the front of the cover.

No extra charge for premium leatherette!

Most schools use their crest along with the educational years within the design. You should be able to obtain a copy of the school crest or you can create your own artwork!

Your design needs to be high quality solid black & white (no shades of grey, colour or pixelation) full size digital copy or high quality print of the school crest or design you want to use.

When creating your own cover design, please keep it as simple as possible. A solid black and white line art drawing will work the best.

Choose your cover wrap and blocking foil colour from the following options.

Hardback Yearbooks

Cover Wrap Options

(The following are provided as a representation only)

Red Leather Swatch

Red Leather *

Green Leather Swatch

Green Leather *

Royal Blue Leather Swatch

Royal Blue Leather *

Navy Blue Leather Swatch

Navy Blue Leather *

Purple Leather Swatch

Purple Leather *

Burgundy Leather Swatch

Burgundy Leather *

Black Leather Swatch

Black Leather *

Black Dust Swatch

Black Dust

Silver Linen Swatch

Silver Linen

* Leather = leather effect, these are all vinyl based covers.

Blocking Foil Colours

  • Sample in Black
  • Sample in Red
  • Sample in Purple
  • Sample in White
  • Sample in Silver *
  • Sample in Gold *

* Gold and silver are metallic foils whilst the other colours are matt.

Hardback Gloss and Matt Laminated Cover

This option allows you to design the cover yourself using one of the themed or blank cover templates we supply. If designing the cover from scratch, ensure you use one of the blank cover templates supplied. Your cover design should be sent to us including the completed design template and a PDF output for reference.

Hardback Gloss Laminated Yearbooks

Softback Perfect Bound or Stapled Cover

Both perfect bound and 24pp stapled cover books have a softback gloss laminated cover. You can design the cover yourself from one of the blank blank cover templates or use any of the prepared cover designs within the themed template folders available to download from the Hardy's Yearbook Cloud Service. Open any of the cover templates for further information on preparing your cover. Your cover design should be sent to us including the completed design template and a PDF output for reference.

Softback yearbooks

Remember! The cover (front & back) is in addition to the number of pages in your yearbook i.e. page 01 is the first printed page as you open the book, not the front cover as is sometimes mistaken.