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Hardy's Create Service

Hardy's Create Service - we prepare the yearbook pages for you

We do the hard work for you!

With the Hardy’s create service, simply collect your photos and text documents in individual page numbered folders and we’ll do the rest for you. One of our expert designers will prepare the yearbook using professional software to create a unique yearbook according to your requirements.

Quick Reference Guide

1) Collect all your high quality digital photos and text documents for each of the pages in your Yearbook. Choose and let us know which background or template you wish to use on this page. All our designs can be downloaded from the Cloud Service. Remember to keep a copy of everything in case you need it later!

2) Copy all the digital content for each page into the appropriate page numbered folder and upload it to the Cloud.

3) If you need to send us any photos for scanning make sure they are sent in a strong padded envelope. Please label each image with page number and placement. We will return these at the end of the production process.

4) Missing Content. It’s OK to send us content even if you’re not finished. You can always send us completed pages as and when you have them. Please refer to your production schedule for when we need your final copy in (This will have been sent to you when you first signed up along with your deposit invoice).

5) We create your Yearbook using the digital content and any printed content you have supplied. We will then send you a digital proof for checking. You will need to examine this proof and let us know if anything needs changing.

6) When you are happy with everything in the book and your cover, you have to fill in the Final Confirmation Order Form so we can send the whole thing off to print. If this is later than what is stated on your production schedule, we cannot guarantee your chosen delivery date.

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